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Mario Balloon Game: To start this game, which has a brand new adventure of Super Marion, you need to press the play button in the middle. Then you will be directed to the game menu. You will press the Play button on the bottom left of this menu and then select the first section and enter the game where you will compete in the game and start the game. In this game you have to do with the hero Super Mario and his jumping red ball will be to move on challenging roads. You should try to protect the ball from prickly bodies by checking the mario on the jumping ball. To do this, just use the OK keys. You should do the jump carefully. In addition, collecting the rewards in the game will give you extra points. OyunSohbet will continue to be with the most beautiful Mario games. Enjoy.Mario Balloon games 1 2 3 4 5.Mario Balloon play online

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Arrow keys. Movement and direction keys Game Detail
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