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Game Details: You can enter the game by pressing `click to controlle` and` Start Game` buttons. Before you start the section, you can get dynamite, boat or boat parts with the money given to you. Then you should catch as many fish as desired before the time given to you in the section. The seagulls will receive the fish you are delayed in buying. .On our chat and game page Dangerous fisherman game and play as free online game gold miner gold mine game is active online, Dangerous fisherman and other gold games.
Date: 2010-08-11 22:42:59
Dangerous fisherman games,Dangerous oyunu, fisherman oyunu,Dangerous fisherman play game

Game controls:
Arrow keys. Movement keys Boluk: Dynamite horse Play
Game play:
Play Dangerous fishermanArrow keys. Movement keys Boluk: Dynamite horse
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