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Game Details: In the 2nd film of the Transformers series, the first film is more crowded and stronger. This time, people and Autobots have to fight to protect the world in cooperation. You can enter the game by clicking `start Playig` and` Skip` buttons. You should place the autobots in the lower menu in the city at important points in the city. Only they can stop the desires coming from the right side. Your task is to keep the despepticones away from the passage on the left. .On our chat and game page Transformers 2 game and play as free online game gold miner gold mine game is active online, Transformers 2 and other gold games.
Date: 2010-08-12 02:22:51
Transformers 2 games,Transformers oyunu, 2 oyunu,Transformers 2 play game

Game controls:
Mouse: Place Autobots - Drag / Drop Play
Game play:
Play Transformers 2Mouse: Place Autobots - Drag / Drop
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